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Read your Defender
by posted 07/15/2019




1.  See the field:  Everytime you catch the ball, check the 8-meter and the lane in front of yo to determine if it's a good time to go or to move the ball.

2   Look at the defender's hips:  If they are turned, identify the clearest path to the goal.  If they are square, pick a side to attack to force her to open her stance.

3.   Look at the defender's feet:  If they are wide, a face, split or pull dodge will get her off balance.  If they are close together, it means she's more upright and could probably be beaten with a speed dodge.

4.  Go:  An explosive first step is the key.

5.  Turn the corner:  Generate power from your legs and seal off the defender from your stick side.

6.  Look for the slide:  If a second defender comes, pass the ball to an open teammate and keep the defense rotating.

7.  Protect:  Pull your stick close to your body as you dodge past the defender.

8.  Stay big:  Use your shoulders, keep your head up and finish the play.


Tips from a USL Magazine article from Team USA player Katie Haus

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Former All-American's Numbers Will Be Retired
by posted 01/24/2018

Shawnee Mission Girls Lacrosse


Players who have been awarded National All-American status will have their jersey numbers retired. 

These players have been awarded All-American, Academic All-American or Jackie Pitts Award:

2015  #1   Margaret Krause  All-American

2015  #21 Jennifer Young     All-American

2016  #23 Ashton Hess        Academic All-American

2017         Ashton Hess        Academic All-American

2017         Ashton Hess        Jackie Pitts Award

2017  #5  Callie Eldred         All-American

2019  #7  Kiki Ehrich           Academic All-American

2019  #22 Emily Fey            All-American

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